Heather O’Keefe

Heather O’Keefe

In 2014, Heather O’Keeffe studied abroad at the University of Cape Town in South
Africa. During her year in Cape Town she found herself constantly discovering,
challenging, and reassessing what she thought she knew about herself and the world
around her. While backpacking through South Africa and playing soccer in various Cape
Town communities and townships, Heather was astounded by the persistent legacy of
apartheid. Watching the events of Ferguson unfold on the opposite side of the Earth, in a
democracy just 20 years old, Heather noticed parallels between the history of apartheid in
South Africa and Jim Crow in the United States. In her speech, Heather hopes to
deconstruct apartheid and its legacy in order to analyze racism in our country. Heather will be giving a talk titled “Deconstructing Apartheid to Reflect Upon Racism in America”.

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